Our project at White Star Park made the News!

Our project at White Star Park made the News!

White star park – new restroom facilities project is under construction and is on schedule!

We partnered with Jones & Henry Engineers to help the Sandusky County Park District modernize one of their most visited parks in Gibsonburg, Ohio. White Star Park is home to a retired quarry which attracts many visitors throughout the year to swim, SCUBA dive and camp. In addition to the main attraction, White Star Park is home to a historic barn and cabins which were donated to the county for preservation. The Barn is reservable throughout the year as an event space for private parties, but the main event hosted at the Barn throughout the year is the Antique Tractor and Engine Show hosted by Sandusky County Restorers of Antique Power (S.C.R.A.P.) annually during Labor Day weekend.

To better serve park patrons year round, the Sandusky County Park District has long wanted to replace the existing primitive restroom facilities throughout the park with new modern facilities supported my water and sewer infrastructure provided by the nearby  Village of Gibsonburg. Since we made the effort to upgrade the restroom facilities at four sites throughout the park, we wanted to tailor the function of each new facility to best fit the specific location it served within White Star Park.

At the Beach facility, not only are new public restrooms provided for all park patrons, but this facility also provides the beach a new ticketing entrance for park patrons looking to swim, as well as, concessions stands for beach patrons and other park patrons more interested in birding or seeing a trail. At the Campground facility, campers will have access to public restrooms, shower rooms, and family rooms that allow parents with young children to have privacy when showering and using the restroom. The Barn rental facility will maintain convenient access to the new public restrooms that are protected from the elements, the new addition to the barn also has shower facilities to accommodate the S.C.R.A.P. event organizers that work around the clock in preparing for their annual show. At the SCUBA dive location of the quarry, the new restroom facilities will feature private restroom facilities that provide ample space for suiting up for the dive.

This project would not have been possible without strategic partnerships between the Sandusky County Park District and the Village of Gibsonburg, the Gibsonburg Exempted Village Schools, the Sandusky County Commissioners, and the Sandusky County Engineers. Construction is on schedule to have these facilities open to park patrons in Spring 2019.

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